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      Our creations are well known for their lasting beauty.


Accessories, Sinks, Fireplaces,

Shower Bases, Countertops,

Inlays, and so much more.

We're Not Only About Offering You The Very Best Kitchen and Bath Experience;

because as the video shows,we're also

"All About The Base".

Bellport Marble International has the one thing you won't find anywhere else; the unique manufacturing methodology that allows us to produce one of the finest shower bases in the entire industry.

As you'll soon discover, we're not just about giving you another beautiful Kitchen or Bath, we're also about providing you with the quality, unseen features that set our products far apart from all others.

Our bases are used in a variety of 5-Star hotels in national chains whose names we proudly list on our special offers page. If you're a commercial establishment, this speaks volumes as to our price, reliability and professionalism; if you're a homeowner, you might feel more secure dealing with a reputable company that promises you rock solid dependability and awesome creativity.

Either way, we want you to know that you can put your trust in Bellport Marble International to not only deliver the first rate products we promise, but to also deliver them at fair prices that in most cases are below the industry standard. Chances are, someone in your very own neighborhood, a homeowner or business, has been a satisfied customer of ours.

Facts you should consider about our Bases not mentioned in the video: They're American Made right here on Long Island ● We give you Quick Delivery ● Installation is made simpler by the elimination of the membrane, also eliminating the cost of tile labor and the need for mud or thin set ● We offer you a 10-year Warranty against product failure and claim that our product will not crack, discolor, or shrink ● Standard Bases come in any color; Custom Bases in any size, shape, or color.

It's "All About The Base"

All Bellport Marble International Bases are Patent Pending

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